How to Avoid Being a Blogging Chicken

I found a bizarre travel picture in my collection today.

I snapped this image of a chicken-person in Pondicherry India a while back.

Seeing the picture made me think; some bloggers are hungry to succeed on one hand but may be a bit of a blogging chicken, being scared to seize and capitalize on prospering opportunities.


Watch this video as I explain how to be a bolder blogger.

Or how to avoid being a blogging chicken:

Say Yes to Exciting but Scary Opportunities

This is likely the best piece of advice you will ever receive to avoid being a blogging chicken.

Saying “yes” to exciting but scary opportunities sets the precedent for clarity and boldness.

Even if someone from outside of your niche offers you a guest posting opportunity for the first time you better gobble that sucker up before you allow your fear to talk yourself out of the gig.

For future guesties you can zero in only on niche blogs. But before you reach that point you need to seize your first guest posting venture, even if the opportunity falls outside of your niche.

Agree to the opportunity.

Write your first eBook. Even if you feel terrified to write an eBook and believe nobody will buy it anyway because hey, who in the heck are you, right?

You cannot cower to your fears and expect to succeed with blogging. Impossible.

All rocking bloggers formed the habit of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Agree to exciting, profitable, fun but scary ventures. Develop the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Be a clear, bold blogger.

Surround Yourself with Bold People

Hang with bold, clear, courageous bloggers.

Seek out the top bloggers in your niche.

These individuals are likely the highest profile bloggers who seem to be in 1000 places at once. The people who push the limits of what most bloggers believe is possible. The bloggers who seemingly live outside of their comfort zones.

Surround yourself with these clear bloggers. Feast on their bold, clear, confident energy.

If you see someone raising the blogging bar every day you will eventually follow their lead, even if you feel lacking or frankly, like a blogging loser, at this point in your career.

Inspired bloggers see brilliance in you. Even when you cannot see it.

Learn from these guys and gals. Listen to their advice. Follow their lead.

Eventually, you too will become a clear, bold, successful blogger, no matter what your circumstances are right now.

Let Go the Fraidy Cats

You will be a blogging chicken if you surround yourself with people who are fellow blogging chickens.

Meek, scared bloggers will feed into your fears.

Fraidy cat bloggers will complain about other bloggers.

Fear-filled bloggers will teach you how to be afraid, in order to fail miserably.

Banish these folks from your life. Even if they had been your blogging buddies for many years.

The goal is to not avoid hurting folk’s feelings; your intent should be to surround yourself with bloggers who help you succeed.

Let go the low energy folks. Make room for the high energy, bold folks you want to connect with.

Work on Your Energy

Fear often sits deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind.

Doing energy work is the quickest, simplest and easiest way to root out fear. Or, to root out the energy that fuels being a blogging chicken.

Now….the easiest method does not mean the most comfortable method because meditating, doing yoga, exercising diligently and doing other stuff to raise your energy can feel unpleasant sometimes.

This is the tuition you need to pay to purge your fears.

If this journey were comfortable and easy, everybody would be a successful blogger.

Your Turn

How are you being a bold blogger?

How have you purged blogging chicken type tendencies?


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