The most horrendous, ugliest web sites ever created…

| February 1, 2016

Some of the top SELLING web sites out there today are, in my opinion, some of the most horrendous, ugliest web sites ever created… BUT THEY SELL!

The lesson for today is, don’t get hung up on the design!

The tips in my e-book: How TO Create A Web Site That Sells! explain how to create a web site that sells in extreme detail. I tell you everything I have learned over the past 14 years to entice people to hand over their hard earned cash to you in exchange for your product or service. In fact, they really will have no choice if you do it right. You can and should take every one of the tips in my book and implement them into your web site immediately!

For today though, I want to talk to you specifically about the design of your web site. The layout template of your site should not turn the visitor off, but should entice him with relevant graphics that pertain directly to the BENEFIT of the product or service that they are looking to achieve by purchasing your product.

The secret today is: Make sure the design speaks directly to the benefit they will achieve from your product or service and not just some irrelevant award winning, cool, hot, NOW design copied from MTV. We want the design to work for us in our selling strategy, not win design awards.

Keep the following in mind when coming up with the overall design template of your web site.

1. Choose an attractive appealing color scheme, something that creates minimal eyestrain, something that makes the viewer “feel” the way they want to “feel” after they have received the benefit of your product or service.
2. Keep your header graphic no more than 100 – 150 pixels high leaving vertical room on your page for your headline and sales copy on the first page (above the fold).
3. Use a compelling sales copy sentence in your header graphic that pertains to the benefit of your product or service.
4. Design your site for no more than 800 pixels wide. Not everyone has a Mega Huge monitor and laptops still require a fairly narrow site to avoid horizontal scrolling.
5. Use as much vertical space as necessary to communicate your message fully.
6. Check browser compatibility to make sure your site looks the same on MAC and PC and on every browser available on each platform.

Using these tips above and the multiple pages of additional detailed tips in my e-book: How To Create A Web Site That Sells! you to can design or re-design your site into a web site that sells!

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