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| June 13, 2016

For Immediate Release: You do NOT have to set up a separate clickbank account to sell multiple products on Clickbank.

Disclaimer: Clickbank “recommends opening a new account” to sell multiple products
according to their official statement on their website:

“Once you’ve created your first product, you may soon want to add more products, or test different versions or price points for your existing product. You can sell up to 500 different products (or versions of the same product) in your Clickbank account. However, you have to use the same HopLink Target URL (the page where affiliates send traffic) for all products in that account.”

Well, not exactly… if you are like a many of my clients, it may be impractical or impossible to open up enough Clickbank accounts to cover all the products that you want to sell in your account.

That is why I developed my Clickbank Affiliate Redirect Software

It is now possible to redirect your Clickbank Affiliate traffic to any unique sales page on any domain that sells any product number from your Clickbank Account.

How does it work?

Let’s say you are selling product # 1 on your home page… which most people do.

Then you come up with a second product call it product #2 and you want to sell it on a special page of your website that is not your home page… call that page /specialpromo.html

Using the standard Clickbank Target hop link you can only send your affiliate traffic to one single URL (usually your home page)… so how do we get your affiliate traffic to redirect to our special promo page?

By installing my  software on your domain, you can have your affiliates “tag” their Clickbank Hop Links with a special code.

That code is picked up by my software and redirects the Clickbank Affiliate Traffic to that  special page you set up.

Your affiliate traffic is still cookied for 60 days through Clickbank to your affiliate’s ID, and your affiliate traffic lands on your special promo page (by passing your default landing page) when visitors click on the special affiliate hop link.  It’s that easy.

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