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| January 11, 2016

Back in the beginning of my internet days I had client come to me who had paid a bundle (read thousands here) to have a web site built for them 2 years prior. They had a brick and mortar business at the time and were looking to expand to the internet. So they found a designer and built a site. It was a good site, e-commerce, and was doing OK, but it had still not even paid for itself after 2 years! (In today’s market your site should pay for itself in 3 months if not 3 weeks or less)

So anyway, they came to me about ready to pull the plug on the whole thing and call it a wash. I convinced them to give me 3 months to work with them specifically on search engine optimization for their specialty products…3 months later they had generated $14,000, paid off their site and were well on their way to making a significant profit for the first year ever on the web!

By using the secrets found in chapter 1 of my book Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets I was able to significantly improve their search engine ranking in the generic search results enough to generate quality targeted visitors to their site who were looking specifically for their products. I didn’t send them 100,000 hits a day, I didn’t event send them 1000 visitors a day. I sent them high quality targeted visitors who were looking specifically for their products. The visitors found them through specific searches, came to their web site and bought their products! Bingo!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): DO IT TODAY! is the very first Dynamic Web Marketing Secret because it is FREE to do and can gain your miles of exposure! My client above waited to do their SEO for 2 years!!! If they had taken my advice and done their SEO right away, that would have been 2 years of traffic and exposure they would have had instead of heartache. Don’t wait, Do Your SEO TODAY!

SEO is process of optimizing the visible text and the back end code of your web site with your specifically chosen keywords so that you have the best opportunity to rank high in the generic searches of the major search engines. You may or may not have the technical ability to place the code on your site by hand yourself but that’s OK. You can hire a kid with HTML knowledge to paste the code on your page.

What is more important is that you DO IT TODAY! Everyday that you wait, you are missing out on tons of generic search traffic of people looking for your keywords who want to purchase your products.

In chapter 1 of my book Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets I give you the exact precise directions on which tags you need to add to your code and specifically where you want to place your keywords in the code. There is way to much to detail to try and put into this email, but I want to get your started with a quick exercise to get you on your way.

Your keyword list is the most important thing that you have to create before you ever start your SEO. I will be talking about your keyword list in the next 6 Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets Mini Course E-mails so it is vital that you work through this exercise today.

To generate your keyword list. I want you to take yourself outside of your business for a minute and think of yourself as your customer. Your sitting at your computer and you are looking for the product of service that you business sells. Ask your self these questions and write down the keywords (keyword phrases) that come to mind:

1. What would you type into a search engine to find your product/service
2. What would you look up in the phone book to find your product/service
3. What specific words pertain to this product/service
4. What problem does this product/service solve

Try and fill an entire 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with your keywords. If you get stumped ask other people these same questions and see what keywords they come up with that you missed. Let your mind go and brainstorm, no keyword is wrong at this point, list everything you can think of.

You have 24 hours to complete this task before your next Dynamic Web Marketing Secret comes tomorrow morning. So get to it! and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Your friend and consultant

Matt Man
Author: Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets:

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