Doing the Google Shuffle

| December 21, 2015

Did you do the dance last week?

I received SO many phone calls from clients last week that I had to stop what I was doing and write you a quick e-mail. Here’s what happened…

About every 2 months or so Google does a “shuffle of the deck”. This happens when Google changes their page rank algorithm, and updates the page rank for sites across the internet. Google’s page rank is one major factor in their algorithm that determines where your site places in the search results for keyword searches.

Well this last “shuffle” was a doozy…it caught many of my clients unawares and dropped some of them completely out of the top 10, 30 and even 100 search rankings for their keywords…MINE INCLUDED!!!

You may have seen my e-mail a few days ago where I was touting the success of my achieving the number one ranking for my e-commerce web site in Google for my keywords…well only 1 week after that e-mail the shuffle happened and I disappeared from the top rankings for that exact same keyword! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

This is the exactly why I tell my clients that SEO is not an exact science and the search engines are not static. They are ever changing and require consistent monitoring and work to achieve and stay in the top rankings for your chosen keywords.

One note of good news is that one of my clients (and only one so far) called me the other day to ask me “what the heck was going on?”. I was just getting ready to launch into my speech about the google shuffle when she continued to say that she received 3 orders that week that originate from Google! (previously she had received none) She did some searching and found that after the “shuffle” her web site was coming up in the top ten rankings for some of her keywords, and now customers were finding her in Google searches and purchasing her products!!! She was ecstatic about her new results!!!

So, the Google shuffle isn’t always all bad. The lesson is that the shuffle is just one more thing to keep in mind in your overall SEO campaign. Know it’s coming, keep your eye out for it and then react and adjust as necessary when it happens.

Your friend and consultant

Matt Man
Author: Dynamic Web Marketing Secrets

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