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| July 25, 2016

I can still remember the phone call I got from one of my Clients…

Matt Man HELP! I have a MEGA Affiliate that I am running a special promotion for and I need to send ONLY his Traffic to a special landing page…BUT Clickbank only allows me to send affiliate traffic to ONE (1) default landing page URL, What Do I DO?

Problem: Clickbank only allows vendors to send affiliate traffic to a single default hop link target url on the vendors website…

BUT… what if you have a special landing page for your affiliates but DON’T want to change your default Clickbank target url landing page?

BUT… Or what if you set up a special promo page that is just for Women (or Men) that you want your affiliates to be able to direct traffic to?

BUT… what if you have a special price promotion for just one affilaite that you need to send traffic to, and don’t want to post that offer on your default page???

Solution: DWMS Affiliate Redirect Funnel!

What Is the Clickbank Affiliate Redirect
Funnel all about?

DWMS Affiliate Redirect Funnel is a powerful software tool that installs in minutes on any website hosting server and lets you set up special redirect codes that will funnel your Clickbank affiliate traffic to unique targeted landing pages… even if those pages are on another Domain!

What Can I Do With The Affiliate Redirect Fu

The possibilities are endless…

  • Send targeted affiliate traffic directly to specific landing page on your website.
  • Send affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no Pop-ups pages, great for affiliates running PPC campaigns.
  • Send segmented traffic from one special affiliate to their own special landing page targeted directly to their customers and their unique product pitch.
  • Send Pre-Launch Traffic to special pre-launch squeeze page, while still cookie-ing the traffic.
  • Send special traffic to squeeze pages for special reports and giveaways.
  • You can even Cookie your affiliate traffic using my Affiliate Redirect Funnel and then send them off to a completely different website domain! They will remain cookied to your affiliate and when they come back to your site later to purchase you affiliate will still receive credit. This is great for sending traffic off to a special report or blog page that is on a completely different domain from your main sales page!
  • Send all affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no Drop-down pages.
  • Set up unique offer pages at special pricing discounts just for certain special Affiliates.
  • Send “women” targeted traffic direct to a “women” oriented sales page. Your affiliates will LOVE THIS!
  • Allow affiliates to sell Multiple Products on Separate Sales pages using only ONE (1) Clickbank Vendor account!!! Increase gravity and make your affiliates LOVE YOU!
  • Send only some affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no sign-up form pages.
  • By setting up a second Affiliate ID for yourself in Clickbank, you can even segment your own traffic and start sending it to unique landing pages for testing and increased conversions!

I’m sure you can think of hundreds of other uses as well…  Click here to find out more »

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