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| May 30, 2016


When you get the right information, use the right principles and do the right work, you can get rich online and join the millions of online millionaires all over the world who are living a life of fun freedom and financial securty.

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So you’d like to make money online right now? That’s great. Can you become a successful marketer in online marketing? Yes if you follow successful online marketers proven methods. Each of which we sill cover over time.

Just think how cool it would be if your computer was  a never empty cash machine.  It can be, if you stay with me and let me teach you how.

Let me discuss different ways you can make money online and have the freedom to do the things you love.  Here are just a few.

* Affiliate Marketing, MLMs, form-filling/surveys, HYIP’s, Auto Surfs are the good old standard way: Your own goods on your own site and you sell them all over the world to hungry customers looking for your product.

In the system of this sequence I will take you through each of the processes. Therefore, if they look unfamiliar to you right now, don’t fear.  Over time each one will become clearer, more understandable and you will have the knowledge to decide which ones you would like to engage in to increase your income.

You have to know that, over 250,000 people decide to start making money every day at home on the Online. That is definitely lots of people who really don’t have inkling about what these terms mean. Everyone has to begin someplace.

Search Engines

A necessary course of activity for many of us is to start up their preferred search engine (if they have even obtained one yet) and when selecting an Internet business you have to select the words ‘work from home’. When you get into this type of term on Google alone the variety of websites that show up is 1.9 Billion dollars. Contrast and Compare this with ‘new career’ (458 million) or ‘find a job’ (425 million) and you will understand the concept of where online marketers are leading their initiatives. The great news here is that you have got lots of options if there are lots of sources.

But how can you select the great one for you?

How can you tell which of these offers you the most effective possibility of success when there are 1.9 billion work from home marketing ideas? Okay, you could live until five hundred years old and not have gone through them all.

And perhaps you’ve got your own idea, perhaps you’ve used The Internet enough to identify a niche area, a business idea you want to exploit. Either way, you’re entering new waters and its best to be prepared. Even if you’re convinced by your own idea, it is still advisable to watch, and even join, one or two of the work-from-home offerings so you can learn about the ways in which business can and can’t be done online.

There is a methodology I teach which helps people decide on which way to turn, if indeed they should turn to any of them. It uses a simple set of questions, no more than 5 in each set, and as long as you are honest to your core, your answers will steer you in the right direction.

Four Questions

The first set is 4 quick questions that you should answer without giving too much thought to. Just read them each and give the first answer that comes into your head – give your instinctive answer.

It is important to be instinctive because once you’ve embarked on your online career; it will be your instinct that will direct you. Don’t take time theorizing about what you think the right or wrong answer should be, just give the true answer. That’s the only way you’ll get a useful result.

These four questions should be answered in order with a score between 1 (minimum) and 5 (maximum). No zeros. Write your answers down and keep them safe.

Here they are:

1. How computer literate am I? (Not at all – 1. Exceedingly ñ 5)

2. How is my self-discipline? (Terrible – 1. Excellent ñ 5)

3. How positive is my outlook on life? (Miserable – 1. Excellent ñ 5)

4. How much can I afford to fail? (I can’t – 1. It really doesn’t matter ñ 5)

In part II we’ll analyze your results and move on to the next stage in the process. In the meantime, enjoy researching and see if you can get a good feel of what’s out there.

Get out your dream sheet and write down your ideal lifestlye! Stay motivated until part 2.

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