Building Your Way To Online Business Success-Part 2

| August 1, 2016

Imagine The Day You Fire Your Boss!

Okay my friend, now that you have decided to build your own fortune and make more money  your way on your terms, you need to get in gear and get started immediately. Urgency is your new best friend. The one that waits is the one that get’s left in the end.

You are ready to make your mark in the world and become one of the 1% who becomes independently wealthy and live the life you have always dreamed of.

The internet has leveled the playing field and the entire world has  become your marketplace. You can have a global reach by devolping your online business.


This article will extend the ideas for CREATING A WEBSITE. In the last article we talked about the design of the site, which provides a critical first impression with your visitors. Remember, with website design it is better to have no online presence than a lousy one.  An overall concept will be covered in this article. It will provide you with a good overview of what to create and why to create it.

Here is a recap of the message of our first two guidelines for getting a successful business started:



Now I will extend the ideas for CREATING A WEBSITE that can thrust you into the world of creating your own secure financial future and move out of the limitations of being a controlled employee.

In the last article we talked about the design of the site that provides a critical first impression with your visitors. Remember, with website design it is better to have no online presence than an incomplete unclear, cluttered one.

It’s Time for You To Write Your Own Ticket

As important as the design is, you must sell your visitors on the idea that your site is worth a return visit.  It must contain compelling content, product information, services or whatever you are selling, this is typically done through QUALITY content throughout your site.

A quick tour through cyberspace will show that there are many good-looking websites that contain nothing of value for their visitors. These types of sites lack the longevity needed in todays cyber savvy culture. Style and substance must go hand in hand.

Because content (information, articles, resources) is a the primary key to website development.

Determine Your Target Market

First, you must determine who your target audience is. If your target audience were fishermen, it would make little sense to include Grandma Sarah’s recipe for apple pie. It doesn’t take long to visit a variety of websites that contain advertisements for products that have nothing to do with the website. It is also easy to find websites that contain content that, while interesting, have little to do with the products, goods, services or information the site is expected to provide.

When a website owner misses the primary target audience it leaves the impression that they have little skill in providing the very thing the visitor came to the website for and the very thing you wanted them to leave with.  Both parties miss out. The potential customer is not happy and the website owner loses a customer for life.

Give Them Something of Value

Once you decide who your target audience is, you need to determine content and direction for your site.

For example, if you are selling fishing equipment, you may want to have other content related to fishing such as fishing tips or fishing locations, etc. You want to provide information that will keep your visitors coming back for more. Tell them something that is helpful or in the least, entertaining.

You Are The Creator

In order to make money, there must be some form or monetization on your website.  Visitors can be consumers of either products or information. If you are effectively catering to their informational needs you can still derive a financial return by providing links to shopping resources that may benefit the visitor.

It is also possible to create a specialty shop of your own that caters to a specific segment of fishermen. If you don’t want to develop your own shop, you can link with existing outlets that provide a financial return for every sale directed from your site. You can make more income and it provides an added benefit for your visitor and may be another means of encouraging their return.

Initial Investment

Unless you are independently wealthy you will need to find a source for revenue to pay for site development and ongoing hosting and other incidental costs. Make sure to develop open space on your website to allow for the inclusion of adsense advertising. Once your site becomes popular and takes off you will be very happy you did.  You will have developed recurring income from the adsense and you will have good gravity with the website domain property.  The longer you have an operating website, the better it is for search engines to find it.

Home Page or Landing Page

Your website is something akin to a canvas just waiting for a brilliant piece of art to take shape. Carefully map out the pages you will need for your site. First, you need a homepage – then determine what other pages you will need.

Your homepage should accurately explain and summarize your website’s mission. Work through the mission carefully to minimize words while maximizing the clarity of the purpose statement. If you are selling a product or service your homepage needs to catch your visitors’ attention immediately. Don’t make your visitor search to discover what it is your site does is a game very few will play.

The following is a list of Must Have pages visitors expect in a website:

1. Contact Us – How to get ahold of you; email, address, phone

2. About Us – Who are you, why did you create your product or service and mission  statement

3. Products – What are you selling

4. Services – What you can do for a fee

5. Links – other pertinent sites or blogs the customer or client may need or find valuable

There’s No Place Like Home

These pages are often called by other names, but once you determine the primary categories for your home page you will want to divide your content into appropriate pages. One of the cardinal rules of site development is to always make sure your site is easy to navigate. What this means is that your visitors should be able to easily find what they are looking for. If finding the material they need requires a site search, you may have lost a return customer. Don’t make them search for information. On the other hand you should always provide a prominent link back to your homepage on EVERY page of your site. Make it easy for them to return home to the first page of the site so they can find what they need to make a good buying decision.

Too Much Text and Flash Can Be Confusing

When you place multiple ads, images and flashing text on your web pages, your visitor may leave confused and frustrated. It creates a panic state of overwhelm.  You know like going into your overcrowded garage to find a simple wrench.  It’s buried someplace under a stack of old stuff and you get so frustrated and angry that you leave.  Your web customers are the same way. They will just leave your web site and go to a competitor or just give up altogther.

Keep things simple and never over stuff a webpage with a lot of unnecessary junk.  Make your content and articles easy to read. A key component to this objective is to maintain a consistent and universally utilized font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Little known fonts may not display correctly for all visitors and may provide further frustration.

BE SURE there are no spelling errors anywhere on your site! Spelling mistakes make a website look very unprofessional. It doesn’t take long to load the content onto a word processor to check for common mistakes in both spelling and grammar. Having someone proof your pages can also add to the professional objectives you desire.

Should you require assistance in devising quality content for your site, you may want to consider hiring a freelance writer to assist in content development. It will be well worth the investment!

When developing content for your website, keep in mind that your text should be as search engine friendly as possible. We will talk more about this in Part 3 as you get closer to learning how to make more money faster.

Success Has No Boundaries, Gender or Age! You Are Your New Boss – What DO YOU Like?

Do something to bring you closer to your goal this week. Begin your market research for a specific item, service, information product, consumer good, or whatever you are excited about and see what kind of demand there is for it.  I know that sounds like a big job, but just simple take a sheet of paper out and write down the things that make you fired up to work on, sell, buy, play with, watch, eat, ride, wear, etc!

Get Busy, Get to Thinking and Writing!

Now Get Out There and Make Your Dreams Happen! Order Your Program and get started on you New Online Internet Business

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