10 great places to learn css3 animation

Have you tried css3 animation? Sure that yes, because this is a great way to create various animations, which even can replace animated images, flash based animations, and JavaScripts as well. As usual, to create CSS3 animation we have to use keyframes and transitions. And, today, I’ve selected the best related css3 tutorials for you with own hands.

1. CSS3 animations and their jQuery equivalents

This article contains 5 examples of CSS3 animations and their jQuery equivalents.

2. Animated 3D Bouncing Ball

This tutorial tells about creating a very cool and realistic 3D ball with pure CSS3 properties.

3. Introduction to CSS3 Animations

You even can create a cool walking robot with css3.

4. CSS Animation: Principles and Examples

Another one detailed tutorial about using css3 animations.

5. Solar System

This is an attempt to recreate our solar system using CSS3 features such as border-radius, transforms and animations.

6. CSS Timer Thingy

This is a great experiment which demonstrates power of CSS3 (webkit only).

7. CSS 3D Meninas

Very interesting CSS pseudo-3D/parallax effect with classic paint The Maids of Honour (Las Meninas).

8. CSS3 – Zoom

This is really amazing css3 zoom by CSSplay team. Just hover your mouse over this demo.

9. CSS3 Loading elements

This is our own article about creating an animated loading elements.


I hope that our collection has been interesting to you. Good luck!